What is hiding under the surface of the iceberg of human behavior?

I believe in relationships based on open, honest, mutual interaction as the art of living. I wonder what the circumstances of life lead us to defend ourselves with shallow small talk or even arrogance and hide behind excuses by drowning in prejudices and routines of everyday obligations. I am crazy about awakening a wealth of resources we carry in ourselves, that gives us the strength to be open and honest, ready for dialogue with ourselves and others. I am in constant search for the right ways to spark the awareness of a unique essence that we have in ourselves. With pure love, I paint to enact a space that encourages us to understand and prize our inner spark, so we can be open for the joy of meaningful life.

Feel the Rhythm

Some people spin waves of joy just by dancing. It is so natural for them to attract happiness and spread it around with their rhythm. Have you ever wondered how people talk to each other by dancing? The perfection of communication, release, exchange… Just a slight change of rhythm and thoughts start to displace themselves. What can you learn about people by only watching them dance? Do they play with their own bodies, create a rhythm, or follow others feeling a bit embarrassed? Their fists tightly squeezed, or their bodies striking acceptable poses or ready to get open and talk? Do you ever let their dance show you how far can they go, what have they been through and what made them strong; are they ready for joy, or can they even be happy? What is it behind their charm that leads to the rhythm of the dance floor? Let yourself think about them for a moment, and feel the rhythm… Now, keep that feeling and just smile.

Unwritten Life Stories

Exploring myself and others, I am in constant search for a wealth of resources we carry in ourselves, which gives us the strength to be open and honest, ready for dialogue with ourselves and others. When do you feel free to be truly yourself?

Journey to the center of our own beings

What if… I have lost myself? Would I know that I am lost? Or it’s impossible to know I lost myself because I’m no longer there to know it? Would everything seem the same for me? How difficult is it to find out what I had inside of me, or what part of me that I lost? What should I do to get myself back? Someone could use me as their own and I would not even know. Nevertheless, if I get lucky, someone will help me take better care of myself. I know I will surprise by the unexpected.