Growing up in Serbia in a time of wars and disintegration of Yugoslavia, rapid changes in value systems, economic and political sanctions, hyperinflation, and living a life on the verge of existence, I learned that everything is possible when we have a proper attitude, smart people to learn from, and a bit of luck.

I was not able to travel, but I had a map of the world, great family and friends, bright mentors, big books, and even a bigger dream to see places and meet people all around the world.

During school time, I gained a black belt, and I traveled to karate tournaments. During my university days, we established the local group of ESTIEM student organization, and we built connections with other students of management and Universities in Europe. We worked on projects with them, and we made our own way out of the “cage” furthermore traveled to conferences, competitions, meetings.

I have been learning and working, hard and smart, on the Art of Relationships for 20 years. I systematically approached this challenge by studying various scientific disciplines- psychology, communication, organization, neuroscience, philosophy, literature, and art history.  My profession, Organizational Engineering, is based on interactive communications and business partnership enrichment. I led and participated in the establishment and development of organizations and projects, get connected with smart business people, and worked with international companies and organizations, as an employee and an entrepreneur, always encouraging open communication, cooperation, and partnerships.

I was the lucky one selected for a green card in the lottery, and I moved to America 6 years ago. Speaking a language that is not my own, I find it difficult to express myself the way I want and truly be myself during interactions with others. Additionally, the challenges and transformations that came with my constant need for exploring the new and unknown joined with the journey of motherhood, inspired me to brighten a new field for open communication with myself and with the world.

While I move forward with breaking the limits of life circumstances, I learn to respect, cherish, and challenge further my own abilities, and passions. I finally found the courage for being entirely honest and respectful with myself, and I changed the direction of my career path from business to the art world.

I desire to paint a space that is an open field of motivation and courage for others to do the same in their own way.  Moreover, to use paintings as a filter to connect with brave people who are ready to search further on how we can set free our true nature.

Key themes and messages behind my work

I believe in relationships based on open, honest, mutual interaction as the art of living.

I paint a space for deep thinking where we feel free to explore and connect with our true selves, so we can find the rest we need to make big decisions. My art inspires a rhythm that flames our inner spark, so we can talk with an open mind, and build relationships with others when we are honest with ourselves.

Don’t be afraid of grownups. Once they get in touch with their true selves, they will be able to listen to a child and be open to the world around them”, said my first art teacher.

I didn’t understand that when I was a child, but it did awaken my interest to find out what is hiding under the surface of the iceberg of human behavior and to learn how to speak with others effectively.

I wonder what the circumstances of life that lead us to defend ourselves with shallow small talk or even arrogance and hide behind excuses by drowning in prejudices and routines of everyday obligations are.

Exploring myself and others, I am in constant search for a wealth of resources we carry in ourselves, which gives us the strength to be open and honest, ready for dialogue with ourselves and others.

I am in constant search of the right ways to spark the awareness of a unique essence that we have in ourselves. With pure love, I paint to enact a space that encourages us to understand and prize our inner spark so that we can be open to the joy of meaningful life.