The Paradox of Choice

I put so much effort to learn how to speak with others effectively. Because I believe that for honest relationships, we have to be ready to talk openly. I know that it is not easy to talk to everyone. It did awaken my interest to find out what is hiding under the surface of the iceberg of human behavior.

I know that I am not always in a mood to talk to everyone. I wonder what are the circumstances of life that lead us to defend ourselves with shallow small talk or even arrogance, and hide behind the excuses by drowning in prejudices and routines of everyday obligations?

I am in constant search for a wealth of resources we carry in ourselves, that gives us the strength to be open and honest, ready for dialogue with ourselves and others.



High-Quality Art Print on a top grade professional Canvas.

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Archival pigment print, also known as giclée or inkjet printing, on Canson Museum Pro Canvas, that is 100% pure cotton base, and “OBA Free” (No Optical Brightening Agents). All canvas prints are water-resistant and sprayed with a UV varnish to provide a durable, professional finish.

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art

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