Dance like no one is watching


Have you ever wondered how people talk to each other by dancing? The perfection of communication, release, exchange… Just a slight change of rhythm and thoughts start to displace themselves.

Some people spin waves of joy just by dancing. It is so natural for them to attract happiness and spread it around with their rhythm.

What can you learn about people by only watching them dance?

Do they play with their bodies, create a rhythm, or follow others feeling embarrassed? Are their fists tightly squeezed, their bodies striking cool poses, or are they ready to get open and talk? Do you ever let their moves show you how far they can go, what they have been through, and what made them strong; are they ready for joy, or can they even be happy? What is behind their charm that leads to the rhythm of the dance floor?

Let yourself think about dancing like no one is watching, and feel the rhythm…

Now, keep that feeling and just smile.


Intuitive abstract contemporary painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Size: 47 H x 32 W x 1 inch (120 x 80 x 2 cm)

What else do you receive? Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by the artist, notary embossed, and Artbook, signed by the artist and signature embossed.

Styles: Intuitive Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic
Materials: Canvas (stretched on) Wood


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