Sooner or later, spring always comes!


As the days drag on, I can’t help but disbelieve if things have gone too far. Never before have I questioned myself so much. Did I jeopardize the health of others by being around them? Are they safe with me now that things are going greatly wrong in this world?! Furthermore, what comes next with the real war burning around and making my flash and bones shaking, waking up the childhood memories…

Don’t we need more colors in our life?

I feel warmer

and brighter as I bring bright colors to my canvas. Now I know what happens after springtime comes.

Please, do the same. Do it your way! You know best how to wake up your soul. Or maybe even just one day at least. It feels good to be alive and to know that better times are ahead.

Mothers, don’t feel alone! Remember, sooner or later, that spring always comes.


Contemporary abstract painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Size: 47 H x 32 W x 1 inch (120 x 80 x 2 cm)

What else do you receive? Certificate of Authenticity (COA) notary and signature embossed, and Artbook, signed and signature embossed

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic
Materials: Canvas (stretched on) Wood


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