Here Comes the Sun


“Can you move faster? Keep your eyes straight and hurry up! Hurry, hurry!”

You know the feeling, right? How often do you frick out with your kids being so slow! Especially when we are late.

Let’s, for a moment, try to see this from the perspective of the child… Do you remember how you felt when everyone just pushed you to speed up?

I wish I didn’t choose to kill my curiosity trying to follow the tempo that the grown-up world put up for me! I mastered fighting in so many different fields of life, being best in everything, not having time to let my senses take over my mind… Perfect machine! Still far away from perpetual motion machine.

“You are just too much!”

I have never understood what does this means. Yet, I felt ashamed. I always knew I wouldn’t do the same to my child! On the contrary, I decided to let him lead me in the hunt for life. To wake me up from the busy lifestyle, to help me re-learn to feel the world with all my senses.

I watch his pure joy in exploring everything. I follow his excitement, and I learn again how to feel the enjoyment of every “simple moment.”

One thing is bulletproof – we laugh a lot.

Plus, compared to when I was super-fast-machine, now I manage to accomplish way much more things a day while enjoying every moment!

One more thing is foolproof – I am not too much!

My nervous system is more sensitive than yours. Thus my soul requires much food to feed all my senses. That’s why I see so many details; I feel all the smells and colors much more intensely, I hear the pulse of people deep on my skin … that’s why I paint fine tones of life with ease. If I can have a superpower, it is to open the energy of freedom to your space as well. And I feel the luxurious stretch for the privilege to share them with you through my paintings.

“Pssst! Mama is painting sunshine!” said my boy when I was catching the vibes of this painting 🙂


Contemporary abstract painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Size: 47 H x 32 W x 1 inch (120 x 80 x 2 cm)

What else do you receive? Certificate of Authenticity (COA) notary and signature embossed, and Artbook, signed and signature embossed

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic
Materials: Canvas (stretched on) Wood


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