Getting to Know Yourself

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Contemporary abstract painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 

Size: 72 H x 48 W x 2 inch (183 x 122 x 5 cm)

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art

Medium: Acrylic

Materials: Canvas (stretched on) Wood 

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Painting: Acrylic and Paint on Canvas and Wood.

We are so stubborn sometimes that we don’t let anything change our usual way of thinking. We have been taught that never being wrong is actually a good thing, it shows a strong character. And we accepted those teachings, put a stone over our habits and we live with it.

The layer of concrete under us is so secure, we stand firmly on the ground. We take good care that each of our steps is right, just as people around us expect it to be. It’s what they expect you to do in order for you to be marked as “success”, to accept you, I guess. We let them guide us even further in their opinion of us.

You want to change your positions, but to keep old habits? Tell me, do you stay in the same clothes when weather changes? How do you expect to walk in the same shoes through new life opportunities and not slip? How do you expect not to explode when you burn out to the edge of pressure?

It’s not easy, I know. Transformation is not comfortable. You cut your skin and that healing hurts. Why do you think that it’s easy to change your thoughts, cut them and rearrange them?

You have decided to lose your weight. To change the way you eat and even exercise. But then tell me, what do you do when it tickles you to try something sweet, just a bite…

You don’t trust me? I felt on my own skin that the only cure to this is in your trust in cruel teacher. Open your mind, follow the guides and keep collecting resources for the next level of your growth.

Get ready to absorb. Life is a collection of wonderful moments only if you are ready to open yourself and start to feel it.

Where should we begin?

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    • Aleksandra Ilic Bjelica

      I am glad you like it. Unfortunately, the painting already found its home. Luckily, you can choose the high-quality Art Print on canvas. It tells a fabulous story as well 🙂

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