Contemporary abstract painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Size: 72 H x 48 W x 2 inch (183 x 122 x 5 cm)
Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic
Materials: Canvas (stretched on) Wood
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Imagine that you are woken up from your dream by some noise.

You hear the sound of flame, you can feel the burning heat, but the light is so bright that you cannot see clearly. The pulse is kicking in your veins. You are distressed. Everything is so unfamiliar and you are scared. You need to react quickly. What would you do?

Now imagine that the fire is far enough for you to be safe. It can’t harm you. Your heart is still beating. Now, you know that you are not in danger, you can relax.

Imagine that you can choose.

Would you close your eyes again, snuggle up and continue sleeping in your warm bed? Would you still choose to keep a safe distance, to stay in your comfortable and well known surroundings where you have been fighting all those years for the things you have? Sure you are not crazy enough to play with fire? Stay safe, forget about the flame. Stay down.

Imagine someone try to break your peace.

It’s better not to even think of that flame. There there! It’s all clear. Black and white. You are all locked up in your own thoughts, you are safe in your cage of habits and you are fine. You are fearless. Cold as ice. Rock ice! That is a clear definition of you, not a borderline that you have set on your own as a limit to your horizon.

No, don’t think of the flame!

Imagine… Imagine that you let yourself choose. Imagine you can choose. What if?


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